Yesterday we went to the Tripoli Three-Ring Circus, courtesy of the Variety Club.

When we went to the circus last year, we had some pretty decent seats. They were kinda high up, but they were in an accessible section so Namine’s wheelchair could fit right into her spot.

This year, the tickets acquired by Variety were in general seating, and there was no way to get her wheelchair up there. Once we got inside the stadium, we got an usher’s attention and asked where we could put her wheelchair during the show. There was some discussion among the ushers about this sort of thing — especially since we didn’t seem to be the only ones. When the usher returned to us, he said that he’d put us on the ground floor.

We weren’t the only ones who ended up being seated so close to the action, but we were the first ones to be seated there, so we got to sit in the very front row. The wheelchair seats on the first and second levels have bars in front of them, so because Namine is short, she ends up either sitting on my lap (not that I mind) or slouching in her chair a bit so she can see. None of that was required this time — with nothing in her way, Namine got to see the whole thing from her own seat.

Well, almost the whole thing. One of the props from a magic show segment was left up for a while, and Namine couldn’t see the motorcycle bit until they took it down.

“I can’t see the death ball!”

Because we were right up close to the third circus ring, we got quite an excellent view of a lot of acts. The Flying Cortez’s act was quite incredible, though watching it gave me some anxiety. (Not a big fan of heights, here.)

There was really only one thing that Namine didn’t care for, same as last year. The human cannonball segment is quite loud, and Namine was afraid for the person. Jessica and I, however, quite enjoyed it.

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