Panel View for Keep 2.7

Again with the DOM hacking? Yes. Oh yes.

In lieu of using an API to talk to Google Keep, I’m resorting to deciphering the CSS classes. With that said, I’ve nailed down another pet peeve of mine.

In what I think of as Keep’s desktop view — you know, in a normal desktop browser window — the default setting is to show a Pinterest-like grid:

And it’ll show you the entire note, resizing the text a bit depending on how much you have in a single note. The column view does the same thing.

Google has build a fair amount of responsiveness into the website; if you narrow the window enough, it takes away the option to choose. There is only the single-column view. But — and this is a big “but” for me — it still shows the whole note, regardless of how much text you may have in a given note. That bugged me; I’d much rather have a condensed list of notes, like this:

Those aren’t single line notes; they have content inside. Click one to open it up, and…


The rules are simple: if there is a title, only show that. Otherwise, show the note content. (I’m not currently limiting the size in this case, but I may add a little line clamping if I come to feel it’s necessary.) I’m hiding everything else, like the labels and bottom toolbar. I don’t think they’re necessary in the list view.

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