Cheesy noodles

Jessica is the master chef, and I’m like the plongeur or something. But she was sick, so I threw something together for Namine and myself.

I asked Namine what she wanted for dinner, and she said buttered noodles. It’s quick, it’s easy. I can make noodles and throw some butter on top without killing anyone or burning down the kitchen. But I wanted to do something more. What’s better than butter? Cheese!

The first step was to decide on what kind of pasta. Namine suggested long noodles. We had spaghetti and bucatini. I prefer the latter; something about the increased thickness, I don’t know.

I rummaged through Jessica’s seasonings. I don’t know much about what goes well with what, but I like garlic — we all do — and if it says “Italian” on the packaging, chances are I’ll like it even more. I took a chance with the other thing. It smelled good, so I decided to give it a shot.

You have to have cheese for cheesy noodles, and we didn’t have much. But I did find a block of Baby Swiss (my favorite) and some pre-shredded Mozzarella. (You have to say “Mozzarella” with a rolling “r.” You just have to. Say it with me: “MOH-tsa-RRRRRAAAY-la!”)

I dumped in the cheese and seasoning. I didn’t measure a darn thing, either. I used more or less a handful of each cheese (so two handfuls) and about 2-3 seconds of liberal sprinkling with each seasoning.

After stirring it all together on the still-hot burner, the cheese melted and the seasonings got all mixed in. I had made just enough noodles for myself and Namine, although I probably had way more than “one serving.”

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