I was up until about 3:00 this morning making sure Namine was sleeping all right. She’s had this cough, and it seems to get worse when she’s asleep. Even though she had a nap in the early afternoon yesterday, she was still cranky and tired. She didn’t eat much for dinner. Although her appetite for pot stickers seems to be rather fickle, she’s nearly always ready for some noodles. But she didn’t even feel much up to eating noodles for dinner. So I gave her a glass of that Carnation Meal-In-A-Glass (I don’t remember what it’s really called) and got her ready for bed.

Namine fell asleep rather quickly, but there was a raspiness to her breathing that I didn’t like. I checked her on the pulseox, and her O2 was only hovering around 85. If she stayed that low, I’d end up putting her oxygen mask on her for the night.

I woke Namine up at 1:30 to give her another breathing treatment. I’ve been doing this for, oh, I’d say a week or so now, and usually Namine is okay with it. She’d just sit there and hold the neb kit, waiting for it to be done. She’d drink some water, I’d lay her back down and she’d go right back to sleep. But last night, she wanted none of it. I suspect that she wasn’t getting a whole lot of rest anyway, but regardless, when I woke her up, she yelled and screamed at me.

I picked her up and took her into the living room, and she carried on for quite a while. She started to cough and hack, due to working herself up plus all the phlegm she had draining. I was eventually able to calm her down, and we sat on the floor in the living room. I turned on some music for her and sang to her. She put her hand to my ear and I called Batman for her. She felt warm to me, so I took her temperature; it was 100.1. When she was breathing calmly again, I asked her if she wanted to finish her breather. She said “uh huh,” so I took her back into the bedroom and finished her breather. After that was done, I gave her a dose of Motrin and a drink of water. She fell asleep easily when I laid her down again. It was now about 2:15, maybe 2:30 in the morning.

I wanted to stay awake for at least another half hour, so I could check her O2 and temp again. At 3:00 her temperature was down to 99.7, and her O2 was up to around 87-88. Not the greatest, but better. She was also breathing clearer, thanks to the second neb dose. I felt better about her breathing, I decided it was probably okay for me to get a few hours of sleep. Make no mistake; I would have stayed up all night for her, if I felt she needed me to.

This afternoon Jessica is taking Namine to see the pediatrician, on account of the greenish phlegm she’s got today. Her nose was running last night, almost nonstop at times. But it wasn’t green. I think something was only starting to brew inside her last night, and it’s come to fruition today. We suspect a sinus infection.


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