Instead of having me read to her at night, lately Namine has been reading to me.

Namine has been working on her reading, and it shows. She finished her Reading Level One Frozen book in a single night, then moved on to her Level Two Frozen book. That one proved a bit more difficult, and she ultimately needed help sounding out some words.

Last night Namine wanted to look through her books for something else she could read herself, and she picked out one of her Biscuit books. She has several, and she told me that she wanted to read one a night. I said I would love to be read to every night. She smiled at me. “Good, because I love reading to you, Daddy!”

Namine ended up reading the entire book to me. I didn’t video the entire thing, but enough for you to see how far she’s come. We’re very proud of her.

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