Book report

Namine has been reading about giraffes for a book report.

We had checked out six different giraffe books from the library. Namine had to read them all, then pick one on which to do a report.

For the most part, Namine still reads aloud. I wanted to make sure she wasn’t just reading for the sake of reading — that she was actually learning something. So every once in a while I asked a question. (Sorry the sound isn’t great; the fan was on in the living room, and it’s kind of loud. I did add captions, so that should help.)

You know when you saw something, but you couldn’t quite recall? Yeah. It didn’t take her long to find the part she was looking for.

I ended up having Namine stop on the fifth book. It was pretty dense — the last one was even worse — and it was getting late. She’ll do the book report today or tomorrow, depending on how tired she is after therapy today.

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