My mom treated Namine to an early Christmas present: taking her to a showing of Sesame Street Live. She loved it.

We had kept it a secret, simply telling Namine that we were taking her to “a surprise.” I think she picked up on how big a deal this actually was, because for the past couple days she kept talking about “My Surprise.” Her tone of voice indicated – to me, at least – the assignment of capital letters in her mind.

After the show, we all headed to Rudy’s for some lunch. (The show was at 10:30 this morning.) Namine wasn’t too impressed with her chicken taco, but it probably had something to do with having filled up on chips and salsa (“I love my chips with the spicy stuff!”) before the main course arrived, or maybe filling up on popcorn before that at the show. Yes, I am a bad parent. It was a special treat, so deal with it.

On the other hand, it might have been the taco after all. I’d ordered a burrito grande at lunch, and – I kid you not – this thing was very nearly literally the size of Namine’s head. (I’m not one to take pictures of my food, but seriously, I kinda wish I had in this case.) So anyway, I only ate half at lunch. For dinner, we just had leftovers: Namine had her taco and I had my burrito. But Namine wanted nothing to do with the taco, so she traded me for the burrito. And yes, she did eat the entire thing.

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