Post-Christmas party

Namine was taking a virtual art class. They had a Christmas party for the families to join!

The teacher put together packages for each family. She delivered all of the packages to each family and set up a Zoom meeting for all of us to have some fun. In each package were gifts with different numbers on them, which were opened in order as the party went on.

Each present was a different game: we made Namine into a Christmas tree, played bingo, did a ring toss with reindeer antlers, and had a blast with all the ringing of the bells.

As the game went on, each team kept track of their points. Whichever team had the most points won a trophy. I did the drawing on top of my head, which was a lot of fun but very difficult as I couldn’t see what I was drawing. Namine loved being a Christmas tree. We each took turns wearing the antlers, while the other two tossed the rings.

This was a very fun party and got us doing something that made us all laugh. We can’t thank Julie enough for putting this together and executing the whole thing without a hitch. She is an awesome teacher, friend, mom, and wife. We love her and her family very much. We thank you very much for all you have done and are doing to keep us safe and sane! (As much as that last can be expected, anyway.)

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