For a couple days now, Namine has had a fever. It hasn’t been high enough to merit calling the doctor, according to her discharge papers; they say to call if she has a fever of 101 for two days in a row, and her fever has only reached 100.4. But part of the incision on her chest has been red, and with the possibility of infection, we decided to call anyway. It was a good thing we did, because they asked us to bring her into the ER yesterday.

We arrived at the ER at about 3:00, maybe 3:30. Since we had called Special Needs ahead of time, they were expecting Namine and we were taken to a room pretty much immediately. Don’t let that give you the impression that the entire visit was expedited, though; we didn’t leave the ER until about 8:00 that evening.

For all that time we spent there, most of it was a whole lotta nothin’. Namine had a few samples taken for cultures (no word on those yet), a couple X-rays, and some pokes and prods by various doctors, nurses, and a lab tech. But the general consensus is that the redness around her chest incision is nothing out of the ordinary (but we get imaginary Parenting Points for being attentive and concerned enough to bring her in), and nothing to worry about.

When we were finally allowed to leave the ER, it was late. We decided to go to the mall and just get Namine some soup at Panera bread. With Namine being on her post-Fontan low-fat diet, there is little she can eat at restaurants; but Panera is one of the few places that doesn’t have a ton of fat in everything on the menu. While we were eating our food, a nice lady approached us. She gave Jessica a rosary for Namine, because, she said, “Your daughter is a blessing and an inspiration. I just wanted to share this with you, because God has a special plan for her.”

We’re not Catholic, but we had no problem accepting the rosary. (And as far as Namine knows, it’s a necklace with Jesus on it. She was thrilled. “Cool! I love Jesus!”) It is incredible to me to see how Namine has touched so many people’s lives, so much so that people just come up to us to express their amazement.

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