Do you remember the speech pathologist? You know, the one who insisted that Namine’s frenulum needed to be clipped time after time, even though no one else agreed? Well, he’s changed his mind.

By the way, I’m not just referring to myself and Jessica. Namine’s ENT doctor, who knows the physiology of Namine’s mouth and airway better than probably anyone, and the directory of the special needs program, as well as his nurse, also sided with us.

So yes, the speech pathologist, with whom we’ve argued for quite some time concerning Namine’s speech progress, admits now that clipping her tongue to allow for more movement might not actually be a good idea. (No kidding.) Instead, he recommends a prosthesis, not unlike a retainer, as I understand, that will aid Namine in bettering her speech. No surgery required.

Of course there was never a risk to Namine; it’s not like they could operate without our say-so. But it’s a relief to know that a specialist, who for so long went contrary to our goals, is now on our side – even reluctantly.

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