One more removal

Namine’s heparin is scheduled to be stopped at 4:00 tomorrow morning. Then at 8:00, the remaining two chest tubes and pacing wires will be pulled! This is good news, indeed.

Real food again

We’re now on day two of getting Namine back to a regular diet. She’s had a variety of things – popsicles, Jell-O, chicken broth, and applesauce. She still hasn’t eaten a whole lot, but the fact that she’s willing to try a larger variety of food is enough for now.

Hope for tomorrow

Namine had a very good day today. Not only did she have one of her drainage tubes taken out, but she also did not throw up at all. True, all she had was Gatorade, water, and part of a popsicle, but she kept it all down, which is more than we could say for yesterday.

Ultrasound result

The results from Namine’s ultrasound came back, and everything is normal – blood flow is fine, and there are no clots whatsoever. That cleared things up for the physical therapist to come back and work with Namine’s legs, and since she has, Namine says her legs no longer hurt.

New day, new pain

Namine started complaining this morning of pain in her right foot, which progressed up her leg all the way up to her hip. She then started complaining of her left foot and leg hurting. It got so much worse that she was crying and struggling in her bed. The nurse gave her some morphine in order to stem the pain somewhat; even now, she still complains of both legs hurting.

A change of heart

I can’t think of a single time when the phrase “change of heart” has not been used figuratively, but in Namine’s case, it’s literal. Her entire body is getting used to her heart’s new physiology, and that comes with some drastic changes – not the least of which are a fluctuating fever, heart rate, and oxygen saturation. She spent much of yesterday satting in the mid-eighties, but she is once again in the mid-nineties, now that she’s asleep.