Come, come, warm weather!

It’s about time we had some warm weather again. Namine does love her some chalk drawing. The irony, of course, is that we just got a crazy storm last night. And it’s supposed to be rainy all weekend.

Speech appointment

I completely forgot to write about Namine’s speech pathology appointment last week. I wasn’t able to go myself, but Jessica took Namine and told me about it later. I regret to report that the pathologist is still an idiot.

Anger under control

Ever since Namine’s cardiology appointment in which we decided to go ahead with the Fontan – the third surgery in a three-stage heart repair – she has been angry. Not angry all the time, but quicker to anger; more prone to temper tantrums.

Playground time

The other night Jessica wasn’t feeling well, so I took Namine over to the park so she could have some peace and quiet. It threw our entire evening’s schedule off, but Namine didn’t mind.