Namine rarely impresses me more than after surgery. Despite all the pain she was in yesterday, she seems to be completely pain-free today. She woke up fairly early at 8:00, even though she was quite tired and fell asleep fairly quickly last night.

I asked Namine if anything hurts, and she said no. That could be her just being stoic; she could very well be in pain, and she simply refuses to tell me. She’s done it before, and I wouldn’t put it past her. She’s always been like that – she prefers to deal with pain on her own terms, and only when it becomes unbearable will she ask for medicine to help her deal with it.

Namine has been going back and forth to the large mirror, smiling, opening and closing her mouth, and going “eeeeee” in front of it. She seems pleased with her teeth. She keeps asking me if I like her teeth.

It’s unfortunate, I suppose, that she needed seven caps instead of three. But I’m glad they were done; this will help prevent future cavities, especially given how prone her teeth are.

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