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July 2011

IEP, the ER, and ABCs

I meant to update the other day with the results of Namine’s first IEP – not to be confused with a preliminary IEP – but we had to bring her into the ER. Things have calmed down a bit now, though, and I can finally catch you up.

IEP today

This time it’s for real. Namine has had all the one on one meetings the school wants her to have had, I think, so now it’s time for everyone to gather around and discuss what’s best for her. That’s all well and good for them, but we’ll see how on the mark they really are.

Ear surgery recovery

On Friday Namine had her ear surgery, where they replaced her ear tubes. They had originally thought to remove the tubes and leave her ears tube-free, but it made more sense to replace them. The new tubes will only last about a year or so, and they’ll re-evaluate Namine’s ears again when those come out….

Ear surgery tomorrow

Tomorrow we have to be at Children’s Hospital at 9:30 for surgery. Not that the surgery itself is that early; no, it will be about two hours later, around 11:00 or 11:30. Most of the day will be waiting on our part – waiting for them to come and take her back, waiting for the surgery to be done, waiting as Namine is in recovery. The ear surgery is not likely to be long, but they do still need to put Namine to sleep.

I’m all alone

The fourth of July weekend is over for me. I’m back at work today, but when I go home tonight, I won’t see my wife or daughter. My weekend is over, but theirs is not. They’re still up at my aunt’s. In a rare occurrance, Namine doesn’t have any appointments or anything until Thursday, so Jessica decided to stay up there until tomorrow. I’m glad they have the chance to extend their vacation – especially with Namine’s ear surgery coming up on Friday – but I wish I could have stayed up there with them. It is lonely in the apartment without them.

One crazy day

Today started, well, not like any other day, maybe, but more or less how we expected. Namine had another visit from someone from the school – this time, a psychologist – and from there she had a couple therapy sessions to attend. We also had a scare today, but everything is okay now.