Yesterday morning started out less than stellar: Namine woke up coughing – and not just any cough. It sounded like the croup was back, and she threw up shortly after she took her morning medicine. Her cough improved but didn’t go away after I gave Namine her breathing treatment, so I called the pediatrician. We were lucky enough to get in that morning, but the verdict was exactly what we didn’t want to hear. Namine has croup again.

Did you know that throwing up is a symptom of croup? I didn’t, until I read the croup information sheet the doctor gave us. Anyway, they gave Namine the same steroid as last time she had croup, to help reduce the inflammation in her throat. (It’s that inflammation that causes the barking cough.)

To compound matters, Jessica has the stomach flu. She seems to be doing better today, but yesterday was definitely one of those “take care of my girls” days. Not that I minded.

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