Another trip to the ER

The saying goes that every gray cloud has a silver lining, but I think the reverse is true as well.

Things had been going pretty well, so karma or whatever decided to kick us around a bit. Jess, my mom, dad, and sister took Namine to a water park today; unfortunately, what started out as a great day ended up in the ER.

Namine likes going swimming, so we figured she’d enjoy herself at this water park, too. And she did, until she got a whole bunch of water dumped on her. There was a small water slide that my sister took her down 2 times without incident. On the third time, however, someone on the level above them decided to, at that moment, dump a huge bucket of water. This scared the living crap out of Namine, and at the time, that’s all we thought it did.

But we found out later that Namine was not just scared, she was actually in pain. We took her to the ER, where they did x-rays and took some blood. The x-rays came back negative for breaks, so that’s good. But Namine is still in pain, so they think it’s a sprained ankle. What we think might have happened was when the water hit Namine, it must have pulled on her foot just the wrong way. After all, her legs are still small and delicate.

So around 6:30-7:00, Namine was released from the ER. Since it was just a sprain, we were told she didn’t need a splint or cast or anything. But she doesn’t like to scoot right now, a definite indication that she’s in pain. But Namine’s an interesting case, because when she’s awake, she has an incredibly high pain threshold. Asleep, however, is a different story. Only a hour or so after I gave her some Tylenol, she woke up crying. Well, screaming is a better word. And she didn’t quite wake up; she never seemed to really come totally awake. But we gave her some Motrin as well, and she seems to be sleeping peacefully for now. I hope it lasts.

The one other thing I noticed is that the pulseox seems to bother her more than usual. Normally, she doesn’t like it on her foot, but once she’s asleep, she’ll sleep peacefully with it on. As far as we know, it’s just her left ankle that’s hurt, but it seemed like the pulseox on her right foot was causing her pain as well. Maybe I’ll try putting it on her hand before I go to bed. She’s never liked that, either; but what choice do I have at this point?

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  1. I just saw this post. I’m so sorry Namine got hurt at the water park. I hope she feels better soon.

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