We found out today that our home nurse has some health problems. We’d ask that you all keep her (her name is Sharon) in your prayers. We hope that nothing serious is wrong.

We nearly had a heart attack just a few moments ago. Namine is in bed, and she probably didn’t fall asleep too long ago. I’m sitting here typing up some recipes, and we hear this loud kerr-RASH from in the bathroom. Of course, I didn’t realize at first that it was the bathroom, so I rushed into the bedroom and turned on the light, all the while my traitor brain is imagining the worst. Nothing to worry about – Namine is sound asleep, and not the light, not even the loud crash, could wake her up. Then Jessica said it must have come from the bathroom. I looked behind the shower curtain, and sure enough, our shampoo and soap had fallen to the floor, carried along by the basket, no longer held by its insufficient little suction cups.


Well, enough excitement for one night, say I. Namine’s health seems to be back to normal, more or less. She’s eating a lot more by mouth, despite what those idiots in GI say she ought to do. She’s sleeping more too, which we think might indicate a growth spurt. She weighs over 18 pounds now, whereas she was just 17 pounds just a short while ago. Our little girl is growing so fast!