Twitter Fiery Spiral of Doom!

Okay, that didn’t exactly work as expected. That’s okay, I didn’t really know what would happen.

I’m using this plugin, Twitter Tools. It allows me to connect my blog posts and tweets (I snicker every time I say that) both ways – to automatically post to the blog when I tweet, and to automatically tweet when I post to the blog. Turns out when you enable them both you end up tweeting twice.

I just needed an excuse to say tweet again. Tweet tweet tweet. Tweet tweet. Okay, I’m done for now.

Anyhoo (tweet), I changed it so it only tweets (tweet) when I post to the tweet. I mean blog. Tweet.

I actually don’t know for sure what will happen when I click that “publish” button. We’re about to find out together. It’s a tweet journey. Here goes nothing.

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