Hello to you all,
Namine was ready for her big day last week:( She was unable to be extabated today. She was running a slight fever and her heart rate was a little high. So they started her on antibiotics and gave her some more morphine, which delays extabation even longer.

On Friday they started giving her a high caloric formula mixed with breast milk. Ever since she started that combination she has had a hard time passing bowels and she was getting real upset. Both Paul and myself are lactose intolerant so I asked them to switch her to a soy based formula today, so we will see how this goes.

Namine sent my heart racing today. And this is another reason why I asked for different formula. She was rotated onto her right side and she had some secretions coming out of her mouth so I wiped them off and I turned around to get some more gauze to wipe her mouth again and when I turned back around to her she was throwing up. She had it coming out of her mouth, her nose and she started gaging, what a time for the nurse not to be around. I finally found someone that came in and cleaned her up. She had it all over her little placement pillows and in her breathing tube and in her nose. With all of this in her breathing tube I was terrified, but she is ok now.

She was resting peacefully when Paul and I left tonight. We thank all of you for all of your thoughts, prayers and visits. Paul will upload some more pictures and videos tonight so have fun. She has her eyes wide open in some of them.

I am off to rest. My insicion still is not healed and packed with gauze, it is very uncomfortable. So off to bed for tonight and tomorrow.

Please keep praying and know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers as well.

We love you all!


  1. Hey guys hope everything is going good!! We are gonna try to get up there this weekend to visit. I am not really sure when we have a lot of packing to do but I really wanna make sure we get up to visit your little angel. Love you!!!
    Rochelle Slobo and lil Eli

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