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Namine has her new AFOs

In all the excitement about getting an MRI in preparation for getting her hernias fixed and g-tube removed, I completely forgot to post about Namine’s AFOs. The doctor said they would be ready sometime after Christmas, but I honestly didn’t expect them to be ready this soon. Nonetheless, Jess, my mom, my sister and Namine went to the orthotic clinic today to pick up the new AFOs.

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Singing before bed

Every night before bed we sing songs. Sometimes they’re hymns out of the hymnal, sometimes they’re lullabies, and sometimes they’re children’s songs. I decided to try to capture Jessica and Namine singing “Jesus Loves Me” to show you how Namine is starting to sign along with the song.

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Namine and her medicine

Jessica and I didn’t get a whole lot of that parent-baby time you usually get when the baby is first born. We were never woken up by a crying child in the middle of the night – by the time Namine came home, she was over seven months old, and slept pretty well through the night. So we’re especially sensitive to the signs of Namine growing and maturing, partly because it reminds us that we weren’t able to give her nearly as much babying time as we wanted to.

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A couple more videos

I had taken a bunch of pictures of Namine at dinner tonight, but apparently my phone decided they were corrupt. So, I only have one picture of her to upload tonight, posing for me with her princess wand. I did upload a couple more videos to Youtube, however.

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Quick Update, and a Video

Hello all. I’ve uploaded several videos to Youtube, and they should show up in the now-live video sidebar. I also want to draw your attention to one in particular, because Namine really opened her eyes for us last night. I promised myself I wouldn’t make any cooing noises at her, but you can see how…

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