• Orthopedic clinic

    Orthopedic clinic

    Namine met with her orthopedic surgeon for her six-month checkup. Good news all around.

  • Ortho appointment

    Namine saw her orthopedic surgeon for a checkup.

  • Ortho clinic

    Ortho clinic

    We met with Namine’s orthopedic surgeon to discuss possible surgery.

  • Orthopedic visit

    Orthopedic visit

    When we told Namine she had an appointment with Dr. Black, we were met with a look of confusion.

  • Taking doctors’ advice seriously

    Taking doctors’ advice seriously

    The other night, Namine told us that she couldn’t scoot. “I’m only allowed to crawl,” she said. “My doctor said I shouldn’t scoot.” Jessica and I could not think of a single doctor who said that.

  • A hard night

    A hard night

    Namine had a rough night. She woke up a few times screaming, and it took us a while to get her calmed down enough to tell us what was wrong. She finally told me that her back hurt; so I rubbed it for a while, and when she said that it felt better, I laid…

  • Horse therapy

    Horse therapy

    Yep, you read that right. No, it’s not therapy for horses; it’s therapy for humans – Namine, specifically.