herma heart center

  • Cardiology appointment

    Namine saw her heart doctor this afternoon. Everything appears to be fine, pending the heart monitor’s results.

  • Cardiology appointment

    Cardiology appointment

    Namine’s heart continues to do well post-Fontan.

  • Flashback Friday

    Flashback Friday

    I know it’s been a while since the Herma Heart Center Picnic, but I wanted to share these pictures.

  • A day of picnics

    A day of picnics

    We had two picnics to attend today: one for the Herma Heart Center, and the other for the Variety Club.

  • Picnic day

    We went to the zoo this morning for the CHW Herma Heart Center’s picnic. Namine got a free HHC t-shirt. (siblings could get free shirts as well, but parent have to pay. What a gyp.) We saw a couple of doctors (including Dr. Mitchell!) and some other people we recognized but couldn’t place.

  • Doctor Stresses

    In December of last year, Jess and I found out we were pregnant. Okay, she was pregnant, but I think I might have had something to do with it, too.