Cardiology appointment

Namine saw her heart doctor this afternoon. Everything appears to be fine, pending the heart monitor’s results.

Namine is still wearing the heart monitor, but her cardiologist, Dr. Joseph Block, still wanted to see her as soon as he could. He also brought in two students to listen to her heart as well.

Because Namine was born with a rare heart defect, she is often used to teach doctors in training. Jessica and I have always encouraged this, taking the mindset that only through cooperation will knowledge increase.

Since Namine is ten years old, she is old enough now to make up her own mind about whether she is willing to be used as an example to teach others. She was more than happy to.

After Dr. Block had listened to Namine’s heart, he told us that it sounded “Namine normal” to him. (Much about her physiology is not “normal” — thus the slogan on our site, but one person’s crazy is another person’s normal.) So he proceeded to ask her questions about the heart palpitations, or at least the times which she experienced identifiable symptoms.

Namine’s appointment concluded with Dr. Block telling us that she could remove the monitor tonight. It was given to her to be worn for seven days, but that number is in fact arbitrary. The true point was to capture more than one identifiable symptom of heart palpitations or tachycardia, which she has. With that done, her doctor believes the data sample to be sufficient enough for analysis.

Once we mail the heart monitor back, all that’s left to be done is wait — something to which we’re long accustomed, now.

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