• CSS tooltips

    Inspired by Andy Park’s Pure CSS Tooltips pen, I took it one step further. Data attributes define the placement of the tooltip: left, right, top and bottom.

  • Scrollable menus in Bootstrap

    Scrollable menus in Bootstrap

    Okay kids, it’s geek time. I discovered a limitation in the dropdown menu when I was tooling around in Bootstrap. I found a way around it that preserved the look and didn’t require me to rewrite the markup, so I thought I’d share.

  • Popup windows without JavaScript

    The other day I had this crazy idea. Popup/modal windows used in modern web design require JavaScript to be enabled in order to function. I wondered if you could get it working without JavaScript. It turns out you can.

  • Buttons!

    Generally speaking, I don’t use the family site for posting stuff related to coding. But every once in a while, I’ll write something that I just have to share.

  • CSS3 lightswitch

    Creating a CSS3 lightswitch (that works!) has been interesting.