• Virtual theaters

    Virtual theaters

    For the past eight weeks, Namine has participated in two different theater groups. ??

  • Make A Wish: the trip home

    Make A Wish: the trip home

    We started on our trek home today. Since we’re driving back, and not flying, it’s going to take three days, instead of three hours.

  • In love’s own words

    In love’s own words

    As Namine gets older, she gets ever more independent. But even as she grows, learns, and develops, the little things she says and does remind us that she is our little love. She is God’s gift to us, and we treasure her more each day.

  • On communication

    Every so often, I’ll come across a post or a tweet from other special needs folks that will inspire a post of its own here on our site.

  • Like second nature

    I had an interesting thing happen to me on Friday. Of course I didn’t get to talk about it because more important things happened. But Namine is doing better now, so I can bring it up. Anyway, this reminded me how being the parent of a special needs child has changed me. It has shaped…