Good smells

Jessica, Namine, and I were at the mall, doing some shopping, window and otherwise. I could do the typical guy thing and say they dragged me into Bath & Body Works, but it wouldn’t be true.

You can’t win them all

You can encourage kids to play together, but you can’t make them get along. Not everyone is willing to learn, to compromise, to share; not everyone is open to the idea that different is not bad.

Playground time

The other night Jessica wasn’t feeling well, so I took Namine over to the park so she could have some peace and quiet. It threw our entire evening’s schedule off, but Namine didn’t mind.

Noticing differences

Jessica, Namine, and I went to the zoo over the weekend with Jessica’s sisters Chyral and Melissa, and Melissa’s boyfriend Anthony. Namine, when she’s really excited, talks very very fast. In her excitement, she told me that Anshrel (Aunt Chyral), Anmel (Aunt Mel) and Ansunny (Anthony) would be joining us in going to the zoo. (“The zoooooo!”)