·  Normal is a dryer setting.


  • Rhiannon Fieri (FroggyPrinceMom on Twitter)
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    Indeed, there are examples set by the world around us, no matter where we go, what we do. We cannot always control them, but we CAN control the example WE set. Your example will mean more to and for Namine than those of the people who don’t understand, and have no wish to. I completely understand why you wanted to do what you wanted to do….but I also believe that what you ended up doing, was the right thing.

  • Dadgineer aka Steve
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    We try and find the humor in it when we can and we educate whenever we can. We get the stares constantly and we just go about our way. Sometimes we want to tell the people to be careful because he is contagious and they might catch what he has. Other times we stare back at them. If the adults took the time to watch how little children act, they could learn something. Every single little kid asks or looks with genuine concern or curiosity without an ounce of malice. It’s the parents that cause the problems.
    I can honestly say we have not had something as bad as that happen to us, I applaud your restraint. I would have had none. I would have made quite the scene.

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