Literally 8,000 times faster

I didn’t get to accompany Jessica and Namine to therapy today, but my sister did. Namine walked on the treadmill only because she had therapy with Lesley, and she walked across the mat “eight thousand times faster.” That may or may not be an exaggeration.

Speaking a new way

On Thursday I took Namine to the speech pathologist at Children’s. He wanted to see and hear Namine speak with the prosthetic and without it. I had not put the prosthetic in because it makes Namine throw up. So we went without it, I still had it in my purse. Namine did her talking into the microphone and that went well. He and I talked and I told him that the Pat (that’s what I call the palatal prosthetic; it’s just easier to say) makes Namine throw up, and she couldn’t eat with it in, she was just having an all over hard time with it.

Writing is hard

It took Namine almost an hour to complete a single handwriting worksheet. Our first thought is that it’s just Namine being obstinate, but it might belie a larger issue, one that has been brought up before. The problem is, no one can tell us if it’s merely stubbornness or something more.

Redefining comfort

For some time, Namine has tossed and turned in her bed. We went mattress shopping last week with the intention of finding something more comfortable, but the solution ended up being much simpler.