We had planned on going to the mall over the weekend. For obvious reasons, we didn’t go on Saturday – Namine was still sick, and even though she was once again eating real food, we didn’t want to chance taking her out.

By Sunday, Namine was feeling better. We asked her if she wanted to go to the mall and ride the train. Of course she said yes. “And then,” she said, “I want to get a princess Lego.” We explained that the Lego store was actually at a different mall than the train, so she would have to choose one of the other.

Namine thought about it. “I want to go to the Lego store,” she said. So that’s where we went.

When we got to the store, we asked her what kind of princess Lego set she wanted. “The one like at Grandma’s house.” We explained the difference between Legos (of which she has some at home) and Duplos (which my mom has at her house). Namine decided that she wanted Legos, not Duplos. She picked out a Brave Lego set.


I am always fascinated by Namine’s choices in picking her favorite characters. She has loved The Little Mermaid for a long time, but lately has favored Brave things. This makes sense to me – Merida is not a typical Disney princess, but rather gets down and dirty in attempting to steer her own direction in life. I wonder if this has occurred to Namine.

Her choice of superheroes is also interesting. She likes them all, of course, but her favorites are not girls. Her favorite DC hero is not Wonder Woman, but Batman; a normal man among gods who must rely on only himself, not magical or preternatural powers. (On the other hand, I suspect no small part is played by the fact that Batman is my favorite, too. My geek might be showing a little bit.)

Among the Marvel heroes, conversely, her favorite is the Hulk. I have asked Namine about this, and her response was straight to the point: “The Hulk is strong. I want to be strong too, so I work hard for Miss Stephanie and Miss Annette and Miss Kathy.” (Those are her physical, occupational, and speech therapists. Namine knows the value and reward of hard work, and she is rightly proud of her progress.)

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