Yesterday was an “ignore all the housework that we really should do and just do nothing as a family” kind of day. It was a great day to just spend time together – just me, Jessica, and Namine.


We went to the mall, we did some shopping for our upcoming vacation, and we went home to watch a movie. We looked in a Redbox for something new, but we didn’t see anything that we didn’t want to see that we didn’t already own. So we watched Madagascar 3. Jessica was pretty tired, so she fell asleep in her recliner fairly early into the movie.

I sat in my rocking chair and invited Namine to sit in her Batman chair next to me, but she wanted none of that. “No thanks, I’m going to stay on the floor so I can play.”

“Well, okay,” I said. Then I said the magic words: “But I have bacon-flavored pretzels.”

“You DO??” *Scoot scoot scoot* *climb* (And all of a sudden she’s sitting in her chair, looking up at me.) “Hi, Haha! Can I have some bacon pressels?”

See, you just need the right motivation. Maybe I should say motiv-bacon. Of course, she ate almost all my pretzels, and I hardly got any. That’s okay. After the bacon pretzels were gone, we migrated to the couch, where we snuggled under a blanket until the movie was over.

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