Liars, cheats, and IEPs

There are few things worse than finding out that someone has lied to you. You trusted this person, and they betrayed you. Deliberately, willfully, they lied. But the situation we’re left with is not the real problem – but where do we go from here, knowing that Namine’s teacher is willing to lie to us, now, before the school year has even begun?

Echo results

On Friday Namine had her echocardiogram. Once again, like with Monday’s ultrasound, Namine was afraid of the tech and having the echo done. But when she realized that this was painless, she was fine. She lay perfectly still for the entire thing, much to the tech’s surprise.

Echo tomorrow

I’m sure that you’ve heard already – Namine’s echocardiogram (or is it two words – echo cardiogram?) is tomorrow. We’re plenty nervous, but we’ve had plenty of time to get our jitters out. We’re ready for the news, be it good or bad.


Namine had an appointment on Monday to have an ultrasound taken of her legs. After all is said and done, it went well – but we won’t know the results until a doctor tells us. But Namine was very still, and let the tech do her job.


Generally speaking, I don’t use the family site for posting stuff related to coding. But every once in a while, I’ll write something that I just have to share. I was inspired by a Photoshop tutorial which details the creation of a cool little share dropdown. It deals solely with the imagery, however, not functionality. So I set to work to recreate it in code.

Namine singing Happy Birthday

My birthday is coming up, and Namine – out of the blue, with prompting from no one – started singing Happy Birthday to me (and then to Jessica, and then to herself :) last night. Once again, it makes me wonder… how much does she know?

Appointments lately

Namine had an appointment at the ENT clinic the other day. The news was not surprising, and not very alarming, either. Namine still has an ear infection in her left ear, but thankfully it is only still in her left ear. We’ve already got ear drops, though, so we’ll be giving those to her until tomorrow. The other appointment she had was yesterday, meeting with Dr. Black – our new orthopedic surgeon – in order to determine how to rectify Dr. Thometz’s screwups.