Not long now

Just 5 days left before Namine’s foot surgery. It occurred to me the other day that we don’t even really know if the procedure has a name, exactly, other than “foot surgery.” I mean, of course it probably does, but the ortho doctor hasn’t told us what it might be.

Happy birthday Namine!

Namine turns 2 today! She’s come so far in such a short time, but it doesn’t feel like a short time. We’ve been through so much, and she’s just as strong, if not stronger. Judging by how sassy she is lately, she is definitely 2. I think she’s most likely eat more cake this time around. She eats constantly.

In step with orthopedics

I would have liked a little more notice than this, perhaps, but it’s still nice to know ortho hasn’t completely forgotten about us. We got a call last week saying they wanted to do Namine’s foot surgery (feet surgery? It does encompass both feet) this month, on the 23rd. I guess the opening just became available recently. (They originally wanted to go with the 13th, which was okay with us too, except they didn’t think there was enough operating room time, so they gave us the 23rd date instead.) As I understand it, the 23rd is still a tentative date, as they still need to figure out what time they’ll start operating. The initial time, I think, was 4:30 in the afternoon, but now they’re going with sometime around noon.

CSS3 lightswitch

Creating a CSS3 lightswitch (that works!) has been interesting. I was already familiar with -moz-linear-gradient(), so creating the switch in Firefox took only a little while. But I swear the Webkit property -webkit-gradient() was made with its foremost purpose being to confuse people and complicate things more than necessary. But never mind all that – it’s done!