Coughing fits are nothing to sneeze at

Namine was up all night a couple nights ago, coughing and hacking. She didn’t seem to wake up much – a few times crying, but I was able to sooth her back to sleep – but I doubt she got much rest. Last night was much better, she only coughed a couple times. She slept through the night, too. I know she’s feeling better, because she’s trying to remove everything from the entertainment center again.

Plastics appointment

Namine had an appointment this morning with her plastic surgeon, Dr. Denny, the man who did her jaw distraction and cleft palate repair. He has declared her palate completely healed, and she can eat whatever she wants again. Well, within reason.

Fever, but less

Namine’s fever is lower now – down to 99.3. She’s definitely still sick, as her manner and crabbiness would indicate, but it’s still a small comfort knowing she’s getting better.

Fever, still

Quick update. Namine had a fever of 103.8 last night, but it’s down to 101.3 now. She’s not eating much more than puffcorns and M & Ms, but we’ve been supplementing her with Pedialyte and water. Good thing, too, because she’s uh, been losing liquid, if you catch my meaning.


Last night, Namine had a fever of 103. We called the doctor, and they said not to be overly concerned unless her fever topped 104. This morning, her fever was only down to 102.5. So we took her in to the doctor’s office, and they said to keep an eye on her, but we don’t […]

Club foot repair canceled

We got a call this morning from Children’s Hospital. Due to the weather, Namine’s orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Thometz, would not be in today. As a result, her surgery is canceled. They will reschedule sometime early next week.

Movie night

Jess, Namine and I went to see Marmaduke at the budget theater yesterday evening. Of course we’d never taken Namine to a movie theater before; we didn’t know how she’d do. But we figured, hey, it’s just $2 per person and Namine herself was free, so why not give it a try?