Today Namine comes home. She will have to go back in January for her second heart surgery which is earlier than they expected, but she is growing and doing what they wanted and now it is time. At least this visit will be planned. I am on my way to go bring Paul some lunch and then off to the hospital for me before we pack her up and her home. YAY!!! Well I should be on my way. I will post again later today if I remember:)
Love you all!
Jessica, Paul and Namine

  • Anonymous

    Excellent news! I myself will try to pay Namine one last visit before she leaves the hospital.

    You’re all in our prayers of supplication and thanksgiving.

    Grandpa E.

  • Anonymous

    Jess! That is crazy about my sister! I am wondering what your maiden name is and if you mean you went to school with her at WLHS or MLC? Yay for Namine!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Jen (Snell), Jeremy & Jacob Schultz

  • Jessica

    hey Jen, my maiden name is Tarver. I went to school with Amy at MLC.