It is now quarter after four in the afternoon, and Namine is asleep. Asleep, and in her own crib – at long last!
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My mom picked Jessica and myself up at about seven this morning to go the hospital. We actually didn’t leave until eight, because I had to get her car seat in my mom’s van. (I firmly believe they deliberately make it nigh impossible to fit in a vehicle, although my mom says it used to be worse. I don’t see how.)
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So we got to the hospital between eight thirty and nine, I don’t remember. We killed about half the planet’s trees in paperwork to discharge Namine and packed up the rest of her stuff. Fortunately, we went to the hospital yesterday and took home most of it. Otherwise, I think we would have needed another vehicle. As it was, we never would have made it without my mom’s van.

So we hooked her up to her portable pulse oximeter for monitoring oxygen saturation and heart rate, bundled her up, and left the hospital. So many people said goodbye and good luck on our way out, it was very nice. I sat in the back with Namine during the ride home, which was fairly uneventful. She needed to be suctioned once when we were nearly home, but other than that, she was fine. She got a little upset, but I think she handled it pretty well for never having been out of the hospital before.

After getting home, the home equipment people paid us a visit and helped us get a little settled in – but by that time we had already set up pretty much everything except the apnea monitor anyway. Man, that home suction machine is loud.

So she’s in bed now, and feeding through her G-tube. That gives me a little time to write a badly needed update to her blog, which I am wrapping up now, and Jessica a little time to relax. A particular someone keeps telling me my life was about to change forever. He’s not wrong, but it had already done that; now, being home, it will change again. Now my wife and I can spend time with our daughter out of the hospital.

At least, until her next heart surgery, leg/hip/foot surgery, trach removal, and jaw distraction. I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but it’s been a long day. God has been good to us; we’re finally home. May He bless every one of you who keep us in your thoughts and prayers as much as He’s blessed us.

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It has come to my attention that several people can’t figure out how to get to the most recent pictures, since the slideshow on the right displays the oldest photo first. Just click on the slideshow. It’ll take you to the photo album, where you can view all pictures. :)

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