special needs

  • Happy retirement, Dr. Gordon

    Happy retirement, Dr. Gordon

    Last night was the retirement party for Dr. Gordon, who has been Namine’s special needs doctor, well, pretty much since birth.

  • Pray for Anna, please

    I would like to draw your attention away from Namine for a moment, in order to encourage you to pray for Anna. She has cancerous tumors in her abdomen, and she may not have long to live.

  • Sickness, scarfing, and scooting, oh my

    Namine is doing better and better every day, but she’s not quite 100% yet. She still needs oxygen while she sleeps, and she’s still coughing a little bit during the day. But she’s done with her Tobi meds and oral antibiotic, she’s coughing less, and what little she is coughing, she’s getting mucus out of…