• Bootstrap responsive tables

    Bootstrap responsive tables

    I created a drop-in solution for supporting tables on small screens.

  • CSS best practices for modular classes?

    CSS best practices for modular classes?

    I’ve been comparing front-end frameworks, and I’ve come across something interesting. I wonder if there’s an advantage to defining modular classes (that is, defining a base class and adding modifiers to it) a specific way.

  • UI experiment

    UI experiment

    In my free time, I’ve been working on a little UI demo. I had this idea for using Bootstrap as a base, in order to imitate the Facebook mobile interface. I think it turned out pretty well.

  • Scrollable menus in Bootstrap

    Scrollable menus in Bootstrap

    Okay kids, it’s geek time. I discovered a limitation in the dropdown menu when I was tooling around in Bootstrap. I found a way around it that preserved the look and didn’t require me to rewrite the markup, so I thought I’d share.