sleep, little one, and dream
worries gone, it would seem
you’ve left your tiny body far behind

dream of jolly kings
and many other things
your great imagination finds

swim deep among little fishes
who grant all your fishy wishes
and visit the far-out reach of space

tiny eyes inside their sockets
see working gears and shiny sprockets
of robots in some crazy race

little hands and little feet
dance to some unheard beat
that doesn’t quite wake you, yet

a too-large brain
inside a too-small head, strains
to see even more, I bet

your tiny weight
couldn’t keep you down, nor fate
as you fly in some dreamy light

but for all your fun
that warmth is not the sun
it’s my arms holding you tight

I’ll hold you, dear
always near
ever protecting you

so sleep, little one, for soon
will pass the setting of the moon
and you can hold me, too.


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