• My daughter, the dinosaur

    My daughter, the dinosaur

    Today Jessica, Namine, my mom, my dad, and I went to Discover the Dinosaurs, an exhibit at the State Fair Expo Center.

  • School tour

    School tour

    This afternoon Jessica, Namine, and I will be touring what we hope will be Namine’s new school. We’ll see. Hopefully this time around her teacher(s) won’t partition her off as “Special Needs” without understanding what it is that she truly needs, in terms of education and activity.

  • Tomorrow is the day

    Tomorrow is the day

    Well, we have the official word from Day Surgery for tomorrow’s procedure, Namine’s heart catheterization.

  • Party time

    Party time

    Namine – well, all of us, really – had a very busy and eventful day on Sunday. But fun. That’s important, especially on the weekend. I know that after no nap and three and a half hours of very active play, she was pretty tired. She dropped off to sleep within about five minutes of tucking her in.

  • The best day ever

    The best day ever

    I love the weekends. It’s not that I don’t have to go to work; it’s not that I don’t have to dress up – although “business casual” can hardly be considered dressing up compared to wearing a tie. It’s being able to spend the day with my family.

  • A trip to the pumpkin farm

    A trip to the pumpkin farm

    Yesterday we took Namine to a pumpkin farm. It was a vertitable parade – me, Jessica, Namine, my sister, my mom and dad, one of Jessica’s sisters, and her mom. We had a lot of fun. Namine had a blast, especially on the hay ride.

  • Special needs picnic

    Special needs picnic

    Today was the Children’s Hospital special needs picnic. We had quite a fun time last year, and we were looking forward to going again. This was the perfect opportunity to show off Namine’s wheelchair – but more importantly, her skill in navigating it.