• Running to the store

    A conversation I had with Jessica this morning.

  • Yes burritos

    Yes burritos

    Jessica asked me how many burritos I want. I think the answer is obvious.

  • Garbage paper

    “Moo-ooom! There’s garbage paper all over my new coloring book!” “That’s shrink wrap. Let me get that off.” “Oh. Okay. Thanks, Mommy!”

  • Morning chat with Namine

    I was being silly with Namine in the car on the way to the clinic this morning. “Hey you in the back seat. What’s your name?” She looked at me funny. “I’m Namine!” “How old are you?” “Five!” “Where did you come from?” She thought for a moment. Then she looked right at me. “I […]

  • Namine’s bon mot du jour

    “Daddy, I want to go home.” “I know, honey. But we have to stay here until you’re better. Then we can go home.” “You mean I have to stay here a few more days?” “Yeah.” “Aw, dammit.”