· Normal is a dryer setting.


One step ahead

Namine’s foot surgery is a week from tomorrow. The week prior to any surgery is fraught with second thoughts, dread, and frayed nerves. Are we doing the right thing? How do we know? These are just a couple of the questions that plague us – they plague us every time. We second-guess ourselves, but at the end of the day, we know we are acting in the best interests of our daughter, and not merely to try and make her more “normal.”

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Appointments lately

Namine had an appointment at the ENT clinic the other day. The news was not surprising, and not very alarming, either. Namine still has an ear infection in her left ear, but thankfully it is only still in her left ear. We’ve already got ear drops, though, so we’ll be giving those to her until tomorrow. The other appointment she had was yesterday, meeting with Dr. Black – our new orthopedic surgeon – in order to determine how to rectify Dr. Thometz’s screwups.

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Progress at PT

So yesterday Namine had physical therapy. It was (we thought) just another day where Namine fights with her therapist. (There are two therapists, actually. One is an American woman, and the other is a British man. She always refuses to work for the woman, but the man she just adores. We suspect it’s the accent.) Anyway, at therapy yesterday, the woman was working with Namine.

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Amazing from the ordinary

Jessica, Namine and I went to a running store yesterday. Jessica needed a pair of shoes with good arch support, physical therapist’s orders. And the shoes with the best arch support are running (or sports in general) shoes. My dad came along to give advice on which kind would be best. I wasn’t needed; only my wallet was. Running shoes are ‘spensive, I tell ya. But I digress. I was sitting on one of the chairs holding Namine, when she said “More!”

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