o2 stats

  • Fighting infection

    Yesterday afternoon, Jessica and I took Namine in to see the pediatrician.

  • High fever and a trip to the ER

    Last night Namine had an incredible fever of 103.2. That was under the armpit, too, and we thought that was much too high for what the doctor had called just that afternoon “the tail end of a virus.”

  • …It’s another

    Jessica took Namine to the pediatrician this afternoon.

  • If it’s not one thing…

    Last night Namine had a fever of 101.1. But that was taken under her armpit – she doesn’t quite yet get the whole idea of holding the thermometer under her tongue – and I’ve always been told that you should add a degree to an armpit temp. So make that 102.1. I gave her some…

  • The silver lining

    Well, Namine ate dinner last night, and kept it down. She seemed to be doing better, if a little crabbier. But I suspect that her stomach and intestines still hurt, and she doesn’t understand why. It’s a major sign that she doesn’t feel well when she doesn’t even want to me to sing to her.…

  • Cardiology appointment tomorrow

    As we get closer to the Fontan, we have to learn the symptoms of low blood-oxygen levels.

  • Down with the sickness

    I was up until about 3:00 this morning making sure Namine was sleeping all right. She’s had this cough, and it seems to get worse when she’s asleep. Even though she had a nap in the early afternoon yesterday, she was still cranky and tired. She didn’t eat much for dinner. Although her appetite for…

  • Night trip to the ER

    Namine woke up at about 1:30 this morning, wheezing and gasping for breath.

  • Coughing fits, and a clinic visit

    Yesterday was a pretty fun day. Jessica, Namine, and I went over to my mom’s house for lunch. My dad went out and got a sled for Namine, and he ran around the front yard with a bundled Namine in tow. (I would have loved to do the towing, but I was stricken with a…

  • Emergency appointment

    Namine’s cough has been pretty nonexistent lately; during the night, at least, we haven’t heard her cough at all lately.

  • Coincidence or providence?

    Instead of doing one of those “year in review” posts, I’m going to talk about something else.

  • Home once again

    We are home from the ER. It was not the longest night we’ve spent there, but it was long just the same. After being there for five hours, we finally got the x-ray results; they came back negative. Namine has not sustained any breaks; the diagnosis is that she is just sore from the fall.…