One crazy day

Today started, well, not like any other day, maybe, but more or less how we expected. Namine had another visit from someone from the school – this time, a psychologist – and from there she had a couple therapy sessions to attend. We also had a scare today, but everything is okay now.

Fighting infection

Yesterday afternoon, Jessica and I took Namine in to see the pediatrician. The particular doctor we saw had never met Namine before, but she seemed well enough acquainted with her file. (It’s about a foot thick. No surprise there, with everything she’s been through.) She listened to Namine’s heart and lungs, hooked her up to a pulseox (heart rate: 130-140, O2: 90-91), checked her ear tubes, and looked in her nose and mouth. Namine was, as always, well behaved and cooperative for the doctor.

High fever and a trip to the ER

Last night Namine had an incredible fever of 103.2. That was under the armpit, too, and we thought that was much too high for what the doctor had called just that afternoon “the tail end of a virus.” To us, it seemed like she was coming down with something else entirely. So we bundled up Namine and headed to the ER – me, Jessica, Namine, and my Aunt CR, who was visiting for the evening. I doubt it was as relaxing as she’d hoped the evening would be.

…It’s another

So Jessica took Namine to the pediatrician this afternoon. According to the doctor, Namine’s fever is the result of a virus. Again. I tell ya, the kid can’t get a break. As a result of the high fever, she doesn’t have much of an appetite. She’s crabby. She’s tired. It’s up to us to make sure she’s well-hydrated. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem; Namine loves water. Loves it. But when she’s feeling so ill, of course she wants nothing to do with anything. Except perhaps Elmo.

If it’s not one thing…

Last night Namine had a fever of 101.1. But that was taken under her armpit – she doesn’t quite yet get the whole idea of holding the thermometer under her tongue – and I’ve always been told that you should add a degree to an armpit temp. So make that 102.1. I gave her some Motrin right before bed (I usually do for her feet, anyway), and she fell asleep almost immediately.

The silver lining

Well, Namine ate dinner last night, and kept it down. She seemed to be doing better, if a little crabbier. But I suspect that her stomach and intestines still hurt, and she doesn’t understand why. It’s a major sign that she doesn’t feel well when she doesn’t even want to me to sing to her. She fell asleep with almost no fanfare last night – I just had to reposition her on the Boppy pillow after she fell asleep. Me? I’m just happy we stayed out of the hospital last night.

Down with the sickness

I was up until about 3:00 this morning making sure Namine was sleeping all right. She’s had this cough, and it seems to get worse when she’s asleep. Even though she had a nap in the early afternoon yesterday, she was still cranky and tired. She didn’t eat much for dinner. Although her appetite for pot stickers seems to be rather fickle, she’s nearly always ready for some noodles. But she didn’t even feel much up to eating noodles for dinner. So I gave her a glass of that Carnation Meal-In-A-Glass (I don’t remember what it’s really called) and got her ready for bed.

Night trip to the ER

Namine woke up at about 1:30 this morning, wheezing and gasping for breath. She started hacking and coughing more because she was panicking, unable to catch her breath. She threw up twice, mostly just mucous from drainage. We did a couple breathing treatments, one to clear the crap out of her airway, and the other was a steroid to reduce any swelling and enable her to breathe easier. We called CHW’s special needs line, and let them know we were bringing Namine in to the ER. We checked her pulseox – 86 and 170. The heart rate was way too high, but we were surprised that her O2 was as good as it was, considering her distress. We left the apartment around 2:00.

Coughing fits, and a clinic visit

Yesterday was a pretty fun day. Jessica, Namine, and I went over to my mom’s house for lunch. My dad went out and got a sled for Namine, and he ran around the front yard with a bundled Namine in tow. (I would have loved to do the towing, but I was stricken with a ginormous migraine.) My mom did most of the picture-taking; I will upload a bunch as soon as I get them from her. But now, it seems, that all fun has passed and we are paying for it, with interest.