·  Spooky is a dryer setting.


Clinic Day

Namine had clinic visits galore today. She had a swallow study, determining how well she can eat and drink; a pre-surgery meeting with Dr. Denny, her plastic surgeon; and a visit to GI (gastrointestinal).

Holy Crap

It’s been a looooong time since an update. I apologize for that, and I can only hope that we still have some readers! Jessica and I are without an internet connection at the moment. I don’t really know how long I have to post this, either. It all depends on when “linksys” realizes someone is…

Birthday Surprise!

Namine is doing awesome. She is having a blast with her new kid kart and is just enjoying the summer. Her birthday party is all ready and everything just needs to be set up, which we can’t do until Sunday. I pray that we have a day of sunshine so that we can be outside….


Sunday is the official day set by Doctor Gordon.  We hope that Namine can start to tolerate her feeds all day by today, or I don’t know what they plan on doing.  She did alright yesterday, but she did throw-up and we think it was just because her feeds are too close together.  They keep…

Not Home Yet

First off, my apologies. We’ve been a little lacking in updates, I know. We’ve been a little busy. Wednesday has come and gone, and Namine is not yet home. Monday night, Namine was not doing too well – she was throwing up frequently, and so the doctors were not comfortable sending her home the next…