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Namine’s palate

It just rolls off the tongue: “Namine’s cleft palate.” For nearly two years, it’s been that way. So whenever I say it or type it, it’s still those three words. But no longer! It’s been a week since her palate, no longer cleft, has been repaired.

Tomorrow is the big day

Well, kids, it’s almost here: the cleft palate repair. Namine is scheduled to be taken back for surgery at 7:30, and we have to be at the hospital by 6. As we’re used to by now, she’ll only get her night feed until midnight tonight, Pedialyte until 4. Jess and I will most likely just…


We made it to my aunt’s house around 4 this afternoon. When I took Namine out of the car, hoo boy was she sweaty. Thank goodness the weather is nice, though. Yesterday Namine had her pre-op clinic visit, necessary prior to surgery next week. Everything is looking good, and she’s approved for the repair. So,…

Namine: 2, Allergies: 1

Today Namine had an appointment at Children’s Hospital with the allergy people. (I don’t really know what the department is really called. I doubt they call themselves “allergy people.”) Last time, we found out that she was allergic to cheese (but we’ve stayed away from all dairy, just to be safe) and rice. Today, they…

Clinic Day

Namine had clinic visits galore today. She had a swallow study, determining how well she can eat and drink; a pre-surgery meeting with Dr. Denny, her plastic surgeon; and a visit to GI (gastrointestinal).