Planning a birthday

Jessica and I were compiling a list of children, with Namine’s help, to invite to Namine’s upcoming birthday party. The question of inviting a certain girl — who has been mean to Namine in the past — came up. Jessica and I were not inclined to invite her, taking recent past behavior into account, but Namine disagreed.

Birthday party

This evening we went over to my parents’ house for dinner to celebrate my brother’s birthday. Before we went over there, Namine took some time to draw him a birthday card.


It wasn’t Namine’s first birthday party – that honor was given to her friend from HealthReach last year, I think – but it was her first time in a dance studio. I would never have wished such an adult moment on her, but she proved herself stronger than even I sometimes give her credit for. I have never been so proud, or so heartbroken.

Namine singing Happy Birthday

My birthday is coming up, and Namine – out of the blue, with prompting from no one – started singing Happy Birthday to me (and then to Jessica, and then to herself :) last night. Once again, it makes me wonder… how much does she know?