Sticky Notes is a discontinued app for Chrome which used the v1 packaged app architecture. It was my attempt at a note-taking app, but it had data storage issues that I was never quite able to eliminate. Since Google has since updated the manifest requirements for packaged apps, I have retired it and released it as open source.

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  1. It appears the stickynote app isn’t able to be downloaded anymore, is this problem on my end? Would like to have the app on multiple computers

  2. No, I removed it from the Chrome Store. As a local-only app, it seemed to reset data for some users every time Chrome updated. I never experienced the issue firsthand, but enough users reported it so that I could not ignore it.

  3. I’ve a huge data stored in it in one of my machine’s chrome browser. It works fine for me. Is there any way to transfer the data to my new machine’s chrome browser which won’t sync it as it’s no more available in chrome store.


  4. @syedwrites do you mean you need to install Sticky Notes on another machine? Because there has never been any cloud sync for it. You can always use the Import/Export in Settings to transfer notes from one installation to another.

  5. @Bryan In Chrome’s Extensions page (Menu / Tools / Extensions), check the “Developer mode” box, then click the “Load unpacked extension” button. Select the folder where you extracted the zip file downloaded from GitHub to activate the app/extension.

  6. Hi Paul, I’ve the sticky notes app version 0.3, and its gone. I stored many important info that I need to retrieve. I hope you can help me in this matter.

  7. @Melisa Version 0.3? That has to be old. I ultimately removed Sticky Notes from the Chrome Store because it had data storage issues that I was never able to track down and eliminate.

  8. Hello. I use sticky notes for storing sensitive info, like my passwords and stuff like that. Reading these posts just gave me a chill down my spine. Is it bugged? Is there a chance that I will lose all the info in my Sticky Notes out of the blue? Thanks. I have never had any issues with it so far, but I want to know if I need to change to a better app. I like ti very much, though. It´s a shame it is now discontinued and will not be revamped.

  9. Hi Paul, I have searched and tested almost every other sticky note app/extension and did not find any one better than this app. Even though i heard it has some issues but i never got any issue and i would use it in future so please don’t remove this app or remove its server etc. I am also IT student and i want to say that the usability, UX and design of this app is simple and awesome. I hope you would sort it out the data problem you are facing. Good Luck

  10. This is a wonderful app, and additional features come to mind that would I think be simple for you to add. PLEASE consider bringing back Sticky Notes, I’ve really enjoyed customizing its appearance with your settings menu.

  11. Hi Paul – today, my StickyNotes app was removed and just like everyone here, I used it as a repository to store important information. I have been able to restore the app following your above instructions but I have no data. Where would that previous data be stored? Thanks in advance!

  12. Joe: unfortunately, when a Chrome app is removed, it removes all associated data as well. I’m afraid it’s gone for good. It was for this reason (along with that I never got cloud sync working) that I discontinued Sticky Notes. Its tendency to arbitrarily drop data made it too unstable.

  13. yyyyeeeeesssss, after 5 hours work i recover all my worthy notes. :D

    How to for people like me:
    standard sticky note ext in chrome store had this id: mmfklpmdfldnnjbkdmamhokiphfkfieg
    -go to this path:
    C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage
    – you must find this files:
    file1: chrome-extension_mmfklpmdfldnnjbkdmamhokiphfkfieg_0.localstorage
    file2: chrome-extension_mmfklpmdfldnnjbkdmamhokiphfkfieg_0.localstorage-journal
    this files include all your note

    by method in “9th comment” you can install a version of sticky note, this has a new ID, mine is(may be different for you): apbiagigbojndkbnkmojcfaglpiclego

    after instillation in this path: C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage , we have 2 new file:
    file3: chrome-extension_apbiagigbojndkbnkmojcfaglpiclego_0.localstorage
    file4: chrome-extension_apbiagigbojndkbnkmojcfaglpiclego_0.localstorage-journal

    -now close chrome
    -delete (or rename) file3 and file4
    -rename file1 and file2 by new id (name of file3 and file4)
    -after rename open chrome and all your notes welcome back …
    now say hoooraaaa… :D

  14. Amir – you’re my new IT hero! Thank you for that post and advice; I’ve just got my Sticky Notes data that I’ve not had for about 6 weeks and it’s been painful! Many thanks!!!!! Joe

  15. Just for info – there was no journal file associated with my 83Kb file, but through trial and error, i got my data back so thanks again Amir – much appreciated!

  16. Best app ever. Love it deeply :)
    Used heavily in a big important project.
    Thanks a lot for making my life easier.

  17. Hello ! I am still using the Chrome extension and after an update my sticky notes get lost.

    I manage to get it back by restoring an old version of my extension folder but all the notes are gone.

    Could you let me know where the notes are stored so I can retrieve them back … I have important information in there !


  18. This app has been discontinued for a couple years at least, first and foremost because of the data loss issues. The source is here for whoever wants it, but I no longer support it.

  19. Hi Paul, thanks for your apps, I use Sticky Notes a lot, its excellent and its stable, but seems from the comments there is a risk it may disappear with all the important info on it :(, can I export it to my notes to Google Keep, which seems similar?…or anywhere else to safeguard the info, a website for example? Thanks in advance, Leith.

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