A drop-in solution for supporting tables on small screens.

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What you need:

  1. Bootstrap. See their documentation for more info.
  2. The Bootstrap responsive table stylesheet. You can download the zip, which contains both the compressed and uncompressed files. (I recommend using the compressed stylesheet in a production environment.)
  3. Add the appropriate class to the table element. There are two classes available: `table-collapse-phone` and `table-collapse-tablet`. If you want your table to collapse only on very small viewports, use the first one. If you want it to collapse on tablet-sized viewports, use the second one. (You don’t ever need to use both classes on a single element.)
  4. Add optional label support. For table columns you want to display labels in collapsed viewports, add the class “has-label” and the label value in the “data-label” attribute.

    <td class="has-label" data-label="Name">Paul</td>

Check it out in action here (resize the browser to see the tables collapse).


First release.

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