Namine Olivia Eiche was born on July 15, 2008 with a double-inlet left ventricle heart defect; Pierre Robin sequence, a condition that resulted in a regressed jaw and a partial (U-shaped) cleft palate; caudal regression syndrome (also known as sacral agenesis), which damages the growth of the tailbone and legs, also giving her clubfoot; and scoliosis.

  • THANK YOU!!!!

    The benefit dinner was awesome. There were so many people at the dinner and the concert it was just super. I had a blast at the concert and also just reminiscing with friends and family that I haven’t seen in long time.

  • Trac Change and Cares

    Well everybody, Paul and I have started the trac cares and changing. It was and still is scary. I do not like doing the trac changes but the tie changes are ok. It is still all a little nerve wrecking, but it is just one obstacle that we will get over, like all the others. […]

  • I said-uh, beef hot links

    So we keep getting asked, when is she going home? Getting closer every day, that’s all I know for sure. But aside from the typical Zen answer, the only thing left is feeding. Well, that and training. When I say Hillshire, you say Farm! Jess and I sort of did our first trach care today. […]

  • Hold Me

    Namine is now back on the fourth floor. Most importantly, this means that she’s off the ventilator, hopefully for good. She’s now on the humidifier (which looks sort of like the vent, but they’re not the same). Some more great news, she can now be held. But remember kids, she’s not a football. Jess and […]

  • Trach Collar

    Hey guys. I went to visit Namine last night, and the nurse informed me that she (Namine, not the nurse) had the trach collar on since 9 in the morning, and she’d been doing really well all day. That girl always surprises me. Her trach site doesn’t even look all gushy like most kids’ new […]

  • Benefit Dinner

    I am just letting you all know that St. Paul’s in Muskego, the congregation that we belong to, is hosting a dinner for Namine. This dinner will be held in the school gym on September 19 starting at 5 o’clock PM. There will also be a silent auction of various items in the gym. There […]

  • Tracheostomy Complete

    Wow, another update! This one bears better news, though. It was barely 8 pm when the doctor came by to tell us they were done. She said it was a “textbook operation,” that everything went smoothly. A few minutes later, they wheeled her by, so we were able to see her. She was awake and […]

  • Tracheostomy Pending

    Hey everybody. Words cannot express my frustration – scratch that. Anger doesn’t even convey what we’re feeling. Jessica and I arrived at the hospital at about 7:15 this morning (Mom and Grandma arrived at about 7:30), with promises of Namine going off to surgery at 8 am. That was actually changed to 7:45, tentatively; they […]

  • New Layout

    Well, doesn’t this look different. Let me know how you like it. I got sick of the Blogger stock template and rolled my own.If no one likes it, I’ll revert.We got a call from the doctors today; Namine will, for sure, be getting a tracheostomy tomorrow. I’m scared, but I will do whatever it takes […]

  • A New Video

  • Long Overdue Update

    Hi, everybody. I apologize for the total lack of updates (something I promised myself I wouldn’t let happen). Since Namine came out of the PICU and into one of the general hospital rooms, she seemed to be doing better. She’d been given some feeds by mouth, and the general feeling was that she would get […]

  • Buh-Bye, PICU

    Wonderful news! Namine is out of the PICU! She’s now in a plain ole hospital room, once again with a roommate. She’s being given breast milk in a bottle now – not very often, but they’re starting her on it. So far, she’s doing wonderfully. She had 7 cc’s yesterday and 7 and a half […]