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Holy Crap

It’s been a looooong time since an update. I apologize for that, and I can only hope that we still have some readers! Jessica and I are without an internet connection at the moment. I don’t really know how long I have to post this, either. It all depends on when “linksys” realizes someone is…

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Another delayed update

Well, kids, time for another update that should have happened over a week ago. Namine came home last week Monday, and she’s been doing great since. We’re still having the occasional low pressure alarms with the vent, but all things considered, I think we’re retaining our sanity quite nicely. Of course Namine is a joy…

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Not Home Yet

First off, my apologies. We’ve been a little lacking in updates, I know. We’ve been a little busy. Wednesday has come and gone, and Namine is not yet home. Monday night, Namine was not doing too well – she was throwing up frequently, and so the doctors were not comfortable sending her home the next…

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Forth to the fourth

Hey everybody. Namine has been moved up to the 4th floor. This seemed like a pretty sudden thing, since Jessica got to the PICU room yesterday and they said, “hey, we’re moving her upstairs!” But actually, the doctors tell us that recovery time after the glen procedure is a lot shorter than it was after…

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Post Tube Addition

After they put an additional drainage tube in, Namine’s stats improved significantly. Her temperature is a little high, but that may just be an effect of having surgery (especially heart surgery). She was still quite sleepy while we were visiting her, although she did open her eyes a few times, only to decide we weren’t…

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Another Chest Tube

This morning the hospital called us. Namine ‘s chest was draining some more fluid, so they decided to put another tube in to control the drainage. Other than that, she’s doing fine.

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