• Almost all tubes out. Also, pink!

    So Namine’s trach was put back in, making her a much happier baby. Her chest drainage tubes were also removed; her left and right arterial lines were removed, but the one in her arm is still in. They also made sure that her new G-tube is in correctly before they start feeding her. They may […]

  • Post Tube Addition

    After they put an additional drainage tube in, Namine’s stats improved significantly. Her temperature is a little high, but that may just be an effect of having surgery (especially heart surgery). She was still quite sleepy while we were visiting her, although she did open her eyes a few times, only to decide we weren’t […]

  • Another Chest Tube

    This morning the hospital called us. Namine ‘s chest was draining some more fluid, so they decided to put another tube in to control the drainage. Other than that, she’s doing fine.

  • Surgery Finished!

    Namine completed her second heart surgery — and first open heart surgery — the Glenn procedure.

  • Surgery Tuesday

    Well, change of plans. Again. The doctors tell us that – for sure, now – Namine will be going for her heart surgery this Tuesday at 7:30 am. Jessica and I are none too happy about all the changes and about-faces that the hospital has done with Namine, but it looks like things are finally […]

  • No Surgery Thursday

    I went to the hospital today after work, and asked to talk to the cardiology department. (Let me catch you up here, in case you don’t know.) They had said originally that Namine’s heart surgery needed to be as soon as possible, and they wanted to do it last Friday. But her heart surgeon was […]

  • Getting better

    Hello all. Namine is still in the PICU, but she’s getting better. She’s smiley again today – a big change for the better! They’re weening her off the vent, so hopefully we’ll be able to come home soon. The emptiness of home without her is too much. It hurts, missing her. night and daythere’s a […]

  • I wrote you all a book

    Okay, kids. It’s been a little while, but I think it’s time for an update. You know by now that Namine is home. Actually, she’s been home for a week and a day, and her mom and I are exhausted. Happy, but tired none the less. On Friday (I think. The days blur together) we […]

  • HOME!

    It is now quarter after four in the afternoon, and Namine is asleep. Asleep, and in her own crib – at long last!

  • D:

    Well, we are not going home on Tuesday after all. The doctors had planned on putting Namine on C-Pap (not a ventilator, but a high pressure air flow that would assist her breathing but would not breathe for her) on Monday, but never did. We happened to find this lovely bit of information out on […]

  • G-Tube A Success

    The doctor came back to tell us that Namine’s G-tube operation was successful. The nurse told us beforehand that it would take an hour and a half, but I think it was a mere half hour, if that. They just came out again and told us that one of us could come back and see […]

  • G-tube Monday

    At least, tentatively. Namine is doing well with her feedings, but she’s still unable to meet the volume required for her age and size. Consequently, she needs a supplement in order for them to send her home. The NG tube in her nose has to come out, so that means one thing: G-tube. The plan […]